Telling Your Spouse You Want A Divorce

Telling Your Spouse You Want A Divorce

Have You Told Your Spouse You Want A Divorce?

It’s easy to say that telling your spouse you want a divorce will probably be one of the most difficult conversations to have. No one could possibly look forward to having this conversation, and it could bring up a lot of hurt, confrontation and anger.

How you break the news to your spouse that you no longer want to be married to the depends on whether or not divorce has been the topic of discussion in the past, or if your spouse is under the impression that the marriage is going just fine.

If there has been discussion of the consideration of divorce in the past, the conversation that you have finally made the decision that you want out of the marriage may not come as much of a shock to your spouse, and they may feel less hurt or anger toward you.

If they are unaware of your feelings, things could get a bit more difficult.

You should always consider how this news will affect your spouse.

Don’t let your fear of telling them you want out of the marriage cause you to do something worse or approach it in the wrong way.


What Not To Do

Don’t just skip the divorce conversation altogether and serve papers instead.

This is completely blindsiding to your spouse and could bring up a plethora of hurt feelings and anger, which would make the divorce process a very stressful one, all because you chose to take what you thought might be the easy way out.

Don’t just up and pack your bags and leave.

This way out isn’t good for anyone, and is certainly not a mature way to handle this situation at all. Divorce is a serious subject – is dismantling your life and your family in this way really worth it?

It’s likely that once you do leave and the dust settles a bit, you’ll start to soak in your guilt.

Don’t break the news to your friends and family before you talk to your spouse.

Everyone talks, and it’s a much better situation for everyone if your spouse didn’t happen to find out through a mutual friend that their partner is about to end their marriage.

If your spouse is surprised at your want for divorce, stay calm and clearly explain your feelings.

You must take the time to take into consideration the needs of your spouse you are leaving.

When you share the news with your spouse that you want a divorce, you have already gone through the process of feelings yourself of loss, depression, and other negative emotions that led you to your conclusion of wanting to split.

Your spouse may not have had these emotions yet, and you need to take that into consideration.

You are ahead of them in the grieving process, and there can be a big contrast between what each of you are feeling.

If you are the one leaving the marriage, try your best to show empathy and compassion for their pain. Giving your spouse closure is important.

In any case of divorce, your best strategy is to have an experienced Arizona divorce lawyer on your side to help you decipher the complexities of divorce and prepare you for what you will be facing.

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