Getting the Facts About Child Custody and Divorce

Getting the Facts About Child Custody and Divorce

Child Custody

Child custody refers to your rights and responsibilities as a parent with regard to your child. Custody rights can include visitation rights, as well as the responsibility to provide care and financial support.

If you have children, your divorce agreement will include a custody agreement that specifies the support each parent will provide for your child.

Child Support Agreement

In a divorce, both parents are responsible for support of their children. A child support agreement reached during the divorce proceedings will spell out the legal requirements owed by each parent in terms of both physical care and financial support.

The ultimate goal of this child support agreement is to determine an arrangement that fits the child’s best interests in terms of living arrangements and financial need.

This arrangement also aims to provide both parents with the maximum optimal parenting time, provided there are no legal restrictions affecting either parent’s rights to this time.

Child Support Responsibilities

In a child support agreement, the amount of support each parent must provide is spelled out explicitly. Parents may be responsible for either providing living arrangements, providing financial care, or both.

Typically, one parent is named the primary caregiver, with whom the child lives for the majority of the time.

The parent not named as the primary caregiver provides monetary support for the child, but may also be allowed parenting time and decision-making rights regarding the child’s health and well-being.

If financial support is not provided as mandated, your attorney can help you take legal action to ensure parenting responsibilities are upheld.

Do you have questions about child custody and divorce in Arizona?

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