Surviving The Holidays After Divorce

Surviving The Holidays After Divorce

The holidays are usually about family and closeness, which can be difficult to cope with when you are going through a divorce toward the end of the year. If you have children, it is important that you focus on their needs before your own, and make the holidays memorable for them. If you do not have children, it is possible to get through the holidays without feeling like a lonely Grinch.

Don’t worry about what your ex is doing. Constantly thinking about who they may be with or what they are doing during the holidays can make for an unhappy holiday experience for yourself.

Keep your negative and angry feelings that you have about the divorce in the closet until after the new year. You don’t need these thoughts and emotions ruining the holiday fun you should be trying to have. Enjoy yourself, and you may even find that come January, those feelings may have subsided.

Don’t be a hermit and accept as many invitations to holiday parties and outings as you can. Surrounding yourself with friends and good times will help keep your mind off of your personal situations.

If you don’t have a party to go to, throw one yourself. Invite friends to bring a dish or bottle of wine and gather around to have a good time instead of focusing on divorce issues.

If you absolutely don’t feel like being around people just yet, make a holiday vacation for yourself. Escape to a tropical island, if you can afford it, or go see family and friends that you haven’t been able to spend time with in a while.

Divorce is a very stressful experience to go through, so it is important that you give yourself some down time from those emotions, an overwhelming career, and any other situations in your life that are difficult for you at the time. At Thrush Law Group, we will represent you in your divorce case so you don’t have to stress all of the time. Contact us today at for a free consultation.

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