Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Divorce

Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Divorce

FightThere are many different behaviors from both spouses that could lead to divorce, and when the time comes to make that emotional decision, Thrush Law Group family law attorneys are here to make sure you are legally and financially protected. Here are three common behaviors and mistakes that lead to divorce:

In any environment, negativity can be a downer that makes everyone involved feel unpleasant. As negativity grows, a marriage can quickly become destroyed. This kind of behavior includes eye rolling, out of place humor, unwarranted sarcasm, and negative insults between spouses. These acts can break down trust between partners and trigger frequent arguments of any level.

Loss of Sexual Intimacy

Physical intimacy depends on feeling comfortable with your partner, and as a result of too much negativity, physical affection can quickly decrease. This can further result in increased distance in a relationship, sexual affairs and then divorce or separation. Physical affection is not just sex, but also any kind of intimacy such as hugs, kissing, holding hands, etc. A marriage does not fully depend on sexual intimacy, but a loss of it can cause problems.

Neglect from one partner toward another can be a result of boredom or lack of interest from one spouse in the marriage. This kind of behavior can include stonewalling, which is when one spouse will not talk to their partner and avoid any kids of discussions, whether they are disagreements or just conversations.

There are many other behaviors that lead to divorce, and when you have made the emotional decision to file for separation from your spouse, contact a Tucson family law attorney at Thrush Law Group to be sure that you are legally protected throughout litigation.

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