Domestic Violence Laws in Arizona

Domestic Violence Laws in Arizona

Arizona Domestic Violence

Stories of domestic violence appear to be in the news every week. In Arizona, domestic violence by itself is not a crime. It is merely a description of the relationship between the victim and the criminal.

So, in Arizona a person can be charged with domestic violence-abuse, domestic violence-criminal damage, and domestic violence-disorderly conduct. It is important to note that not all domestic violence charges in Arizona deal with physical abuse.

Many of the charges connected to domestic violence relate property damage or even something as simple as yelling.

It is important to note that many Arizona police departments policies require that an arrest be made if there is a domestic dispute, even if the victim is not complaining and did not call the police.

In other words, you can get arrested for a domestic violence related crime if your neighbors call the police while you have a loud argument with your significant other.

Domestic violence charges are complicated.

If you get charged it is important to get an experienced lawyer immediately before you say anything to police officers.

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