Social Media Can Be Used Against You In Divorce Court

Social Media Can Be Used Against You In Divorce Court

divorce and social mediaIt may see harmless to simply look at photos of a former flame or person of the opposite sex on Facebook or Twitter while you are married, but these behaviors have consequences.

Relationships and marriages can have many reasons for downfall, but studies show that one big reason in today’s society for the downfall of once-happy commitments is social media.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are opening up an entirely new spectrum of opportunity for lawyers to show evidence of neglect, adultery, and other actions of a spouse to use against them in divorce court. Family law attorneys are starting to rely heavily on social media evidence, which can often prove allegations of cheating, lies, and other accusations.

Email and text messages are also being brought into divorce settlement discussions and used as admissible evidence in court. Tucson divorce attorneys at Thrush Law Group recommend that couples be exceedingly carefully with online activity during divorce proceedings, no matter what the social media outlet is. Exercise caution and responsible judgment when posting any personal information online, whether it be fact or opinion.

Finances play a big role in using this evidence. Lying on financial documents is a crime, and social media activity can provide a potentially long trail of evidence proving that a spouse has much more financial stability than they claim on child support or spousal maintenance documents.

At Thrush Law Group, we treat each case with the delicacy and respect our clients deserve and strive to distinguish ourselves by our personal consideration of our clients’ cases and needs. The attorneys of Thrush Law Group have extensive experience in family law and know that quality counsel is essential when dealing with one’s family and its future.

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