A Look at Spousal Maintenance Requirements in Arizona

A Look at Spousal Maintenance Requirements in Arizona

Arizona and Spousal Maintenance

The term “spousal maintenance” is interchangeable with the more commonly used term “alimony.” Alimony refers to a legal obligation to provide support for a spouse, typically as part of a divorce agreement—however, not all divorce agreements call for such payments.

Spousal maintenance payments provide for the needs of a spouse who meets certain requirements under the law. These payments may be paid by either a husband to a wife, or a wife to a husband, depending upon the situation.


Determining Factors for Spousal Maintenance

During divorce proceedings, a judge will consider many factors when determining whether a given spouse qualifies for spousal maintenance payments.

These factors include the amount of property owned by the spouse, the ability of the spouse to provide for himself, and the contribution of the spouse to the educational opportunities of the other spouse.

Additionally, alimony may be required when a spouse is the custodian of a child whose age or any other conditions preclude that spouse from seeking work outside the home.

Other factors that will influence the awarding of spousal maintenance include age and earning ability in the current labor market.


Amount and Duration of Spousal Support

A judge can also set an amount and duration of spousal maintenance payments.

Factors that influence these values include both spouses’ standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage, and the age and earning ability of both spouses after the marriage.

Additionally, maintenance amounts and durations are dependent upon the ability of the paying spouse to provide the required amount to the receiving spouse, the needs of any children resulting from the marriage, and the timeframe and education required for the spouse requesting alimony to obtain the skills necessary to seek employment.

There are many factors that can influence the awarding, amount, and duration of spousal maintenance following a divorce.

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