Modifying and Calculating Your Arizona Child Support Obligation

Modifying and Calculating Your Arizona Child Support Obligation

Arizona Child Support Obligations

Child support payments are ongoing and periodic payments designed to provide for a child’s expenses following a divorce. When determining the amount you are required to pay in child support, a judge will take a variety of factors into account.

However, some of these factors can change over time, such as a change in health insurance, loss of employment, or disability. Both custodial and noncustodial parents can request modifications of Arizona child support obligations to reflect a change in these circumstances.


How Arizona Child Support is Calculated

Child support payments are calculated by a court to ensure that a fair portion of each parent’s income is dedicated to supporting a child following a divorce or separation. Payments are based on the monthly gross income of both parents, as well as on statistics stating the amount that intact families spend on a child’s expenses.

Additionally, the amount of time a parent spends with their child and the age of the child may also ultimately influence the amount paid in child support.


Changes in Child Support

Either parent may request a change in the amount paid for child support. Factors that affect your employment or income can prompt you to request a modification or recalculation of your child support obligations.

Other reasons you may request a modification in Arizona child support payments include a change in health insurance or coverage, the incarceration or release from incarceration of a noncustodial parent, a change in child-related expenses, or a time period of three years or more since your child support payments were last reviewed.

In order to request a modification, you must obtain and complete a modification packet. Once the packet is submitted, your modification request will be reviewed.

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