How to Apply for Child Support Services in Arizona

How to Apply for Child Support Services in Arizona

Apply for Child Support in Arizona

Child Support Services provides assistance for parents or legal guardians of a child who need assistance with the location of a parent, the establishment of paternity, the procurement of a child support order, or the enforcement of a child support order.

Individuals who do not automatically qualify for Child Support Services assistance must apply for child support assistance by filling out an application.


Obtain an Application

The majority of requests for Child Support Services in Arizona cannot be made via phone. Instead, you must fill out an application stating your request.

Once you have completed the application, you’ll need to submit it to the address stated on the application.

You can obtain an application by contacting the Division of Child Support Services in your area via telephone, by visiting the Arizona Department of Economic Security website and downloading the correct forms, or by visiting your local Division of Child Support Services office in person.

Provide the Requested Information

Before the Division of Child Support Services can process your request, you must provide all the requested information truthfully and fully on your application.

The information you’ll need to provide may include the name, address, Social Security number, employment information, and any other information you may have about the location of the parent obligated to make payments.

You may also need to provide the birth certificates of the children in question and copies of any court orders regarding paternity or adoption of your children, your marriage, divorce, child support payments, or an Affidavit of Financial Information.


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