How to Bring up the Subject of a Pre-marital Agreement to Your Spouse

How to Bring up the Subject of a Pre-marital Agreement to Your Spouse

The Romance of a Pre-Marital Agreement

It may not be a romantic notion, but marriage is partially a business transaction.

When a couple decides to marry, they are merging their households, assets, and possible debts. For this reason, it’s important for couples to learn how to talk openly and honestly about the advantages of signing a pre-marital agreement.


Build a Foundation for Your Marriage

Creating a prenuptial agreement is actually a great opportunity for you and your partner to discuss your respective financial situations.

If you and your future spouse fail to deal with finances openly, this can become a great source of tension in your marriage down the road.

Drafting a prenup gives you the opportunity to communicate, negotiate, and build a financially honest foundation to your marriage.


Improve Your Financial Stability

If you don’t earn as much as your partner, you can protect yourself financially by drafting a prenup. This is your opportunity to negotiate a deal that will provide for you in the long run.

It also provides protection in the event of your spouse’s death, as you aren’t guaranteed that his or her family will provide the same financial protection.

Drafting a prenup can also help you override state laws, which typically allow the court to decide what each partner contributed financially and how to divide their assets.


Seek Good Legal Advice

It’s advisable for both you and your partner to retain separate legal counsel.

This ensures that your divorce attorney will represent your best interests in the drafting of the agreement.

When choosing a family lawyer, seek one that is skilled in negotiation as well as prosecution.

You should also check to ensure that your lawyer is well versed in estate law, as your prenup will likely include property provisions.

Working with a divorce attorney can help ensure your experience is fair. In addition, your divorce lawyer can help ensure you don’t face future litigation following divorce.

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